the week ahead

Last week I got my hands on M.J. Arlidge’s first crime novel Eeny Meeny. What started out as a light read in between other books quickly turned into a full blown addiction. Thankfully Arlidge writes two books per year on average and I’m three years behind. Which means this week I’ll read the second DI Helen Grace thriller, if nothing else.

I’m also expecting a large parcel of books and a couple of tiny ones. I just ordered the last batch of books I’ll allow myself to buy this year. Except perhaps the odd book bought in a bookstore. (I mean, come on…) Which leaves me with a huge pile of books to read, most of which I hope to finish before the year comes to an end. I’m an optimist if nothing else.

Anyway, later this week I’ll share my end of year TBR pile.

This will also be the week prior to a week of no heating or hot water in the house due to renovations. We’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do before that, but at least that will keep us warm. I plan to bake all sorts of goodies next week, hoping that the oven will give off a nice amount of warmth.

What are you up to this week? Have a happy one!

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