the week ahead

The weather forecast predicts sun and rain this week. So I may or may not need to wear a hat indoors. Which is something I only recently started doing, both saving and creating electricity, the later due to wool on hair…

My work forecast (I just made this up in case you’re wondering) predicts a long and tiresome week, but with lots of laughter and a dinner with coworkers at the end of the week to celebrate the weekend. I also plan to spend a lot of time reading. My TBR pile is becoming larger and larger, and those book reviews I plan to write here, well I’m gonna need some input for them, no?!

This week will also be the week when I show the first pictures of a book related project I’ve been working on. Entirely handmade, and it’s something any book lover can use. Care to guess what it is?

mystery giveaway

Speaking of guessing; the mystery giveaway is still on, you have until 20 September 2017, 23.59 hrs UTC/GMT to enter! More info on how to enter can be found in my instagram feed.



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