The Feel Good Book project

Perhaps you’ve experienced the same; you ask someone for advise and their answer is just perfect and you wonder how you never thought of it yourself in the first place. That happened to me a while ago when I asked Sumaiyya of @sumaiyya.books if she could recommend a book that would be a good first read of the New Year. The Traveling Cat Chronicles, she said, it’s a feel good book which is a lovely way to start the New Year. And I agreed, and with that I realised that I don’t read many feel good books at all. Did I want to change that?

The answer is yes. Especially after I read ‘An almost perfect Christmas’, which made me laugh out loud. Why not read as many feel good, laugh out loud books as you can?

The events of the world bring me down quite often. And I’m always in the midst of several books, so why not make sure at least one of them is a feel good book, at any given time? So yes, this will be my main reading goal for the New Year, to read more books that leave me feeling good, happy and with a smile on my face.

Do you have a particular reading goal in mind for this year, aside of a number of books you might want to read?

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