saying good bye to Autumn

There’s over a month left of Autumn, although it doesn’t feel like it. The leaves have fallen, the streets are aligned with twinkle lights, the sky is grey and the air is crisp.

I baked an apple cake this morning. Somehow it was the first of the season. The last as well. When the final crumb is eaten, it’s time to bake that seasonal clementine cake. There’s a syrup in the fridge, marinating with ginger, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, to be turned into gingerbread cookies later this week.

This time of year especially, I find myself in the kitchen a lot. Recreating dishes, sweet treats and scents, that year after year ring in the familiar warmth of the holiday season.

Alongside of the familiar there’s something new on the horizon. A new venture; an online shop. As excited as I am to launch it, I am equally frightened of failing it. Yet, they say there’s only one way to go and it is through. And so I calm my nerves by baking and with the familiar scents it has surrounded me with year after year after year.

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