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After 15 years (!) of reading blogs there are some that I’ve read for many years and continue to read on a daily bases. Here’s a look at a few of them. The blogs I’m featuring today all have a three things in common; they are written by Swedish ladies, they all do ‘a photo an hour’ type of posts from time to time, which I love. Plus, they all love food. Here goes!

photo by Sandra Beijer

Sandra Beijer

Sandra is a writer and author of two books and runs one of Sweden’s biggest blogs. She writes in Swedish, so I read it mostly through Google translate, but that’s just fine. Aside from sharing heaps of photo’s of her life, she posts recipes, travel guides and books to read.

A few of my favourite posts:

  1. Grisfötterna (Pig’s feet) Even when put through Google translate, this is such a great piece on being heart-broken.
  2. Mina skrivtips (Tips on writing)
  3. Jag vägrar (I refuse) On blogging and choice
  4. A photo an hour
  5. Vad jag har i min lösgodispåse (What I have in my bag of pick & mix candy)

Elsa Billgren

Come to think of it, I haven’t been reading Elsa’s blog for that long after all. I think a year perhaps. It feels longer though. I found her blog via Sandra Beijer’s blog, as the two of them are friends. Elsa is a tv host, blogger and she rents out vintage bridal gowns. She also shares lots of photo’s of her daily life, which is probably why it feels like I’ve been reading along for many years. Last but not least; I’m in love with her kitchen. In fact, I’d gladly move into her apartment all together. But I doubt she’d be up for that…

A few of my favourite posts:

  1. En hel dag (A whole day)
  2. Ett litet kastanjeträd (A small chestnut tree)
  3. Hur man klarar något som är svårt (How to handle difficult things)
  4. Enkla och maffiga jordgubbstårtan med grekisk yoghurt och maränger (Simple and juicy strawberry cake with greek yoghurt and meringue) Will make this as soon as strawberries are in season!

februaryphoto by Sandra Beijer

Sandra Juto

Another Swedish lady, another Sandra. This Sandra however, does not live in Stockholm. Years ago she moved from Gothenburg to Berlin with her husband, where they renovated an old apartment. Sandra makes Wrist Worms and Buttcrack Characters amongst other things and is a illustrator by trade. She also wrote a terrific guide to Berlin. We’ve used it countless times over the years. Every spot she picked is, well, spot on.

A few of my favourite posts:

  1. A day of food
  2. Welcome to my home
  3. Wine tasting (look at all the cheeses to pair with the wines!)
  4. Turning 30 (i bet this was an epic party)
  5. March 3, 1999-2017
  6. Today I took a picture once every hour


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