a few good memes

Over the course of 6 weeks I’ve been tagged in memes on Instagram no less than 10 times. Of course I meant to reply to them all sooner. So to catch up I’ll be answering all memes (I was tagged in some twice) below. Here goes.

#lifeinbooks & #readinghabits by @book_scope

A book to each of your initials

S – Sourdough, which is on my TBR pile and I’m really excited to get started in it. I think I’ll bring it with me to Berlin.

M – Memories of a Polar Bear, which is the book that I’m currently reading. I loved the first part, the second part has me all confused, I wonder what the third and final part will bring.

D – Darker shade of Magic; the first book of it kind that I read, if I don’t include Harry Potter that is. Not a huge fan on the genre yet, but I did like it and I will read the second book of the series as well.

V – I don’t seems to have a book of which the title starts with a V…

Count your age along your bookshelf

I don’t have that many books πŸ˜‰

A book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to

City on Fire, it’s set in New York. I visited New York for the first time last fall and I can’t wait to get back it.

What books do you have most difficulty with reading?


When do you read?

Early mornings, evenings and before I go to sleep.

Where do you usually read?

On the couch in front of the window, overlooking a little park and the canal.

Do you read the book or watch the movie first?

Read the book first, if I watch the movie, it’s always second.

Do you have an exclusive reading habit?

Yes, wearing glasses…

Do the covers have to match in a series.

God, yes.

#mybookishfunfacts by @theudelindefliegtzummond

Person/thing that inspires you to read: my TBR pile.

One author you would ask to write the story of your life: Donna Tartt

Favourite snack while reading: Coffee. (Yes,Β  that counts as a snack!)

One reading habit that non-readers find weird: that I always need a pillow to rest my book on.

Share some ideas of how you want to organise your books: I’d like to put them on a shelf…let’s take it one step at a time okay.

It seems that answering all tags in one post isn’t a good idea after all…will pick this up again tomorrow otherwise there will be no end to this post.


50 things to do this autumn

Make a TBR pile of books set in Autumn. Wait for the perfect rainy day(s) to read them. Buy a record player. Try a new kind of tea. Go on a mini (city) break. Wander around, stop only for coffee and to read. Wear a hat indoors. Spruce up your balcony with Autumn colours. Find…

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the week ahead

The weather forecast predicts sun and rain this week. So I may or may not need to wear a hat indoors. Which is something I only recently started doing, both saving and creating electricity, the later due to wool on hair… My work forecast (I just made this up in case you’re wondering) predicts a…

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10 things I want to do

learn Swedish cook a meal every day for a week (usually the BF cooks) go back to New York write a book read more YA novels see Paris in the fall read a book a day for a week post here every day for 365 days host a giveaway drink red wine outside on a…

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The week ahead.

I meant to share this post earlier today, but I guess there’s still time; only Monday has come and mostly gone. Here’s what I’m looking forward to this week. Work was okay today and afterwards I met up with a friend for dinner and drinks. Which is a great way to end a dull Monday….

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about books on friday

Books on Friday started out as an Instagram account. The name derived from my business name, Milk on Friday, and created to have a space to share more personal thoughts, by way of bookstagrams. After just over a months, the urge to not be bound to a limited amount of characters to share stories got…

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daily visits around the web

After 15 years (!) of reading blogs there are some that I’ve read for many years and continue to read on a daily bases. Here’s a look at a few of them. The blogs I’m featuring today all have a three things in common; they are written by Swedish ladies, they all do ‘a photo…

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what I’ve read this year, so far

According to Goodreads and my 2017 goal (which I only set about a month ago or so) I’m seven books behind on schedule. I guess starting a book with 800+ between its covers wasn’t the smartest move I made this weekend…but I am enjoying the book (The Goldfinch) thoroughly, that’s what matters after all. Here…

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