50 things to do this autumn

  1. Make a TBR pile of books set in Autumn. Wait for the perfect rainy day(s) to read them.
  2. Buy a record player.
  3. Try a new kind of tea.
  4. Go on a mini (city) break. Wander around, stop only for coffee and to read.
  5. Wear a hat indoors.
  6. Spruce up your balcony with Autumn colours.
  7. Find a puddle and jump!
  8. Go see a movie by yourself.
  9. Drink champagne on a Monday evening.
  10. Sit outside whilst it rains.
  11. Go for a walk in a forest.
  12. Make your own artwork.
  13. Try a different genre.
  14. Find a pen pal, write letters.
  15. Go out for lunch with a friend.
  16. Write a story.
  17. Watch reruns of Mad Men.
  18. Look through your photo archives on your mobile.
  19. Go to a concert.
  20. Buy a fashion magazine. (French Vogue perhaps?)
  21. Stay up all night. Watch the stars.
  22. Try out perfumes, ask for a sample of your favourite one.
  23. Make waffles (The Swedish kind).
  24. Take a photo every hour for a day.
  25. Dance while doing the dishes.
  26. Buy fresh flowers every week.
  27. Kiss until your lips hurt.
  28. Create an autumn mood board on Pinterest.
  29. Order pizza, eat it while sitting on the floor and watch 80’s movies.
  30. Find the perfect for you facial creme.
  31. Make meatballs from scratch.
  32. Create an autumn playlist on Spotify.
  33. Binch watch an entire series in one day.
  34. Bake a cake.
  35. Listen to an audio book.
  36. Go to a candy store, pick & mix.
  37. Read a book whilst sitting on the kitchen counter and sipping tea (or wine!)
  38. Make your own pasta.
  39. Visit a city close to you, but one you’ve never been before.
  40. Learn to play an instrument.
  41. Wake up really, really early. Make yourself a cup of something warm. Sit in front of the window and watch the world come to life.
  42. Buy a plant, name it Freddy.
  43. Invite friends over for a sleepover. Pyjama’s mandatory.
  44. Find a ‘Wiener Konditori’ near you. Order pastries. Eat them while reading a good book.
  45. Buy or make new art for your living room wall.
  46. Cook sheet pan dishes every day for a week.
  47. Read a YA novel.
  48. Take your camera out for a walk.
  49. Spend an afternoon in a book store.
  50. Plan a vacation.

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